Raveblocks is a virtual music scene built in Minecraft - with clubs and sites to explore, a working record shop, and performances from some of the worlds’ best DJs.

Currently, Raveblocks is spawning in Vienna with locals Tin Man, LDY OSC, Electric Indigo, Patrick Pulsinger, Rosa Anschuetz, and Alpha Tracks.

The Raveblocks server is always open to the whole Minecraft Java community and, while we continue to test and gather feedback, all events are free to join.

Past events

On February 6th, we partnered with London's Phonica Records and invited Berghain fixture Anthony Parasole alongside our residents Eric Cloutier and Tin Man. This performance was created in collaboration with the visual mastery of ACE and presented as a "Phonica In-Store" appearance. We raised over $500 and went off without a hitch.*

Resident Advisor (RA Pick!)

* We had to restart a stream midway. Woops!

On December 5th
, we tried our first dry run of the space with our residents, Eric Cloutier, Tin Man, Jasen Loveland, and Miguel Senquiz. The audio broke. Many things broke. But it looked nice. We deleted these from twitch.

Resident Advisor

On December 19th
, we hosted Erika (Ectomorph), Amanda Mussi, and Eva (Swoon). Things worked much better, though attendance was low. I guess that's how things go in the real world.

Resident Advisor